Dear Friend,

What does life mean to you? The 5 Cs? Why are you here? Where are you going? Ever wondered how an intelligent creature like you ever got here?

If there is no God, how did you get here? By chance? Well, more and more scientists are saying that it could not have been by chance - something they call Intelligent Design, ie. everything about this entire universe appears to be designed with purpose, including the purpose of creating life and man.

If there is a God, and if man was His purpose in creating this universe, then is it so incredible that He has a purpose for life? The violence we see, the wickedness that is so prevalent in human behaviour, the moral cesspool that has trapped and destroyed the lives of so many (even if they deny it!) - all these are sadly inconsistent with the Divine purpose for life.

If there is a Divine purpose to man's life, is it unreasonable to expect that God would reveal it to man? He has done so - through the Bible. How did this compilation of 66 separate books written by 40 authors over 1500 years, come to have such a great influence over all of mankind? What gave the authors special knowledge of scientific facts? Why has no archaeological finding ever contradicted the Bible? Because God is the real Author.

With the Bible as the revelation of God's eternal mind and will to man, it would do us well to give careful heed to what He has to tell us. Amongst the most important of these:

Everyone has sinned against God. Sin carries a heavy price. It separates us from God in death.

But death is not the end of life. The separation from God will be dreadful, in torment for all eternity in the fires of hell. Yes, the Bible tells us that hell is as real as you are in your flesh reading this right now.

Yet, it is not God's desire that anyone should perish in such a horrible destiny.

Because God is love and He loves His creation.

Out of His love for His creation, He has redeemed man from this end through paying the ransom for sin with the life and suffering of His Son, Jesus Christ.

We can share in the glorious hope that awaits us in a new life in the resurrected Christ. We can taste the abundant life in Christ now.

But you have choices to make in this life. You can be rescued from a horrible destiny - if you choose to embrace the gospel of Christ through faith and obedience.

Friend, don't take chances. You are not here by chance. The mere fact that you have read this message till this point is not by mere chance. It is dreadful to reject the gospel of Christ out of ignorance. It is even more dreadful to reject if you know about it - like right now.

So what's it to be? A purposeless life without God or an abundant life in Christ? Choose life.

May God lead you into His light in your search for life answers, and we at Lavender Church of Christ would like to help you.